NIP'AJIN is a free pen'n'paper role playing ruleset, designed for playing short campaigns or one-shots. It is pronounced nip-a-dshin and an acronym for a German phrase, that translates to Nobody is perfect, but everybody can contribute.


NIP’AJIN fits on 4 pages. The system uses 5 dice (d4 to d12) that get exhausted after use. Only after all your dice got exhausted, they get available again. This forces characters to show weakness, as they do not always have good (larger) dice available. NIP’AJIN ...

  • is free,
  • does not need much preparation,
  • distributes spotlight between characters,
  • provides (meta)tactics due the dice system,
  • is designed for one-shots and short campaigns, and
  • allows use in own works due a Creative Commons license.

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NIP'AJIN Shots are very short scenarios. They are designed to be played in 1 to 2 hours with little or no preparation.

Archaea 12

Trapped on a space station with an alien creature. Can you kill it before it kills you?

Wet Dwarves

Dwarves may get wet when water threatens to flood their underground village.

XMas Burglars

Burglars want to get in. Kids want to keem them out. Who will win?

More NIP'AJIN games

Kurai Jikan

Fight Oni in this manga RPG.

Robert Redshirt

A 25-minutes role-playing game.

NIP'AJIN Flyer role-playing games

Role-playing games that fit on a leaflet. Playable.

Author's Kit

NIP'AJIN is typeset in LaTeX. All necessary files can be found on GitHub. If you want to write your own RPG or scenario, this can be your starting point. Also, if you would like to help translate NIP'AJIN into more languages, there you will find all you need.


Please remember: the rules are unter a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 license, so if you build upon them, you need to release your content under that license, too!

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