On these pages you'll find pen'n'paper role-playing games and related tools. Grab some friends and go on an adventure – in a medieval fantasy world, as crew in a spaceship in a far-away galaxy, as cowboys in the wild west, or as teddy bears. The only boundary is your imagination...

Games by Ludus Leonis

Kurai Jikan

Fight Oni in this manga RPG.

Robert Redshirt

A 25-minutes role-playing game.


Four pages of rules. Read less, play more.

What is a role-playing game?

Pen’n’paper role-playing is like shooting your own movie, like a board-game without a board, like theatre in your head. A group of players, usually three to five, personify fictual characters that go on an adventure in a phantastic story. Together they tell a story of old ruins, dangerous monsters or how they rescued the world. What happens in this story, and how it will end, is not written yet. Will the characters achieve their goals? Will they perish along the way? That’s for you to find out!